EuroPride 2019

14. Juni 2019
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highdentity feels incredibly honored to contribute to the EuroPride 2019 by playing a concert at one of its highlights, the EuroPride Park.

fields of tension: a story of in between…

between consent and contradiction, lust, shame, equality and love, between cultures, hate, family, pride and otherness, lies the (in)visibility of identities. we are walking on thin lines, craving not only for acceptance but for equality, visibility, and respect: our lives are lived and loved in the middle of a tension field. fields of tension explores, questions, and visualises the everyday struggle and bliss of life in an artistic way. expressed through music and words, we celebrate our uniqueness, our diversity, and our averageness, we voice our dreams, fears, battles, hopes, and our joy to be ourselves – and everything that’s in between…